Saturday, 12 January 2013

Depression Despair Suicide Agony Hope

From my viewpoint our world is INCREDIBLY depressing. Seriously it's absolute mind-butchery, an insane nightmare of endless pain, totally horrifying, gibbering torture, but there is hope for the future and the hope is valid.

Technology will soon create an intelligence explosion, it is called Post-Scarcity or the Singularity, which helps from my viewpoint to make the burden of our current agony just about bearable. Money and other issues relating to scarcity cause immense worry. Financial worries can tip people over the edge. There are many other reasons why some people snap. All reasons for mental instability arise from scarcity thus the coming Post-Scarcity world will cure everyone whatever the source of their despair is.

There is hope for the future via science and technology. The following page sorely needs updating but there is already enough information on it to give you hope for the future if you feel our current world is utterly intolerable. In the future everything will be FREE in all senses of the word. Utopia is coming:

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