Thursday, 24 January 2013

Singularity Utopia's Laws

Inspired by Peter Diamandis I decided to create Singularity Utopia's laws. So far I only have three laws. In my final version I will probably change the order so the Internet being funny comes after the extropian intelligence-based invalidation of the second law of thermodynamics. If you don't know the meaning of extropy please note my interpretation is the opposite of entropy.

I also need to clarify how during the earlier stages of increasing intelligence the increases are infinitesimal thus the validity of the second law of thermodynamics remands exceedingly valid. Only when we enter the realm of super intelligence do we enter an epoch where the second law of thermodynamics actually becomes invalid. Perhaps I need add a "super" qualifier regarding the "intelligence" pertaining to my law about thermodynamics, yes I will add a super qualifier.

1. Intelligence is the most precious resource for all beings, EVERYTHING flows from it.

2. The Internet can be VERY funny sometimes, LMFAO.

3. The validity of the second law of thermodynamics decreases directly in proportion to increasing super-intelligence.

Thermodynamics invalidation info:

Additional Laws, Updates:


See also my G+ post about these laws.


Here is law number five, death is a tiny anxiety compared to the mind-warping horror of being poor. Poverty is a most colossal anxiety ever:


Artificial-scarcity is an oxymoron like cold heat or dry wetness. It can never exist, it does not exist.

People need to fight when resources are tight. Dearth is the scourge of the Earth because similar to death it leaves us bereft and destroys mirth. Scarcity is the source of remorse.

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