Monday, 25 March 2013

Freedom Utopia Guns Power 3D-Printing

Today I watched an interesting documentary (watch it below) about the 3D-printing of guns, featuring Cody Wilson from Defense Distributed. Sadly there appears to be an apparent misunderstanding regarding freedom. At various points in the video it is stated the freedom to print guns is not utopian. In the documentary gun-freedom is deemed a bad, menacing, threatening. The idea of freedom being dangerous or dystopian is very wrong, this misunderstanding needs to be corrected.

Freedom is utopia. The source of all violence is a lack of power thus the freedom to empower yourself via access to guns, or any other aspect of human knowledge, it is a great step towards utopia. It's not negative in the slightest that one day people will be able to print nuclear bombs; such freedom is the way to end all violence but our civilization is based upon repression, oppression, restrictiveness, therefore civilization wrongly deems freedom to be a threat. Civilization wrongly thinks freedom is a source of violence, when in fact the opposite is true. Oppressiveness and authoritarianism is the true source of violence.

Free and easy access to all knowledge is utopia. Freedom is utopia, which means access to guns is utopian. Dsytopia is a lack of freedom, dsytopia is repression, dystopia is restrictiveness.

Watch the documentary here:

I do not think killing people is utopia, I think freedom is utopia. Repression is not utopia thus for example soon we will be able to re-engineer the human brain thus it will be physically impossible to kill people but that loss of freedom, entailing an absence of killing, is definitely not utopia. The answer to actions based upon poor thinking, mindless violence for example, is not to suppress knowledge and power via banning guns (the knowledge and power to create guns), the answer is greater knowledge, greater openness, greater freedom because freedom is vital to stop mindlessness whether the mindlessness is violent or non-violent. Free-thinking is essential for intelligence but all types of thinking are hindered in a world where freedom is constrained.

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