Saturday, 9 March 2013

#Transhumanism IS NOT A RELIGION

#Transhumanism is not a religion (new or otherwise) similar to how a weeping statue of the Virgin Mary or Jesus is not really a miracle, it is bad plumbing or some other type of non-miraculous cause. Religious people interpret reality incorrectly according to their flawed view of reality. All the diverse notions of God constitute a flaw of the mind, which we do not need, it is a flawed type of thinking which intelligent people should discourage. We need more people such as Sanal Edamaruku to burst the myths, or perhaps repair the pipes, regarding the leaky logic of religious people.

The above thoughts of mine were inspired by a post Andrew Carpenter made on G+, he stated:

"What kind of "God" should an Atheist Humanist, even mystic create to maximize the internal psychosocial development, maintenance, and ability manifestations?"

We shouldn't create and Gods because all Gods constitute a harmful type of thinking. If you accept illogic into your fundamental world-view you degrade your capacity for logic. My response to Andrew is to state logic is vital for progress thus we should always reject God in any form.

Two wrongs do not make a right. God-apologists-justifiers are comparable to thinking the best way to defeat a serial killer is to become a serial killer, thus you can kill all the people, which means your killer would be defeated, but this thinking fails to see how via killing the killer you've become the killer you wanted to eradicate.

Transhumanism and religion can coexist but this does not mean it is a good or logical coexistence, similar to an abused-battered wife enduring years of abuse with a violent husband, she can, and many women do, coexist with violent partners, they tolerate the violence but this does not mean such coexistence is good, logical, or should be encouraged.

I love #atheists but what am I? I think "atheism" is too weak a term to describe my logical certitude that God does not exist or that God-orientation is a harmful type of thinking. If you have comments please mention me +Singularity Utopia anywhere on Google+.

Note the video below, which Andrew included in his post:

Below is another video regarding religion, this time portraying a weeping statue of Mary. In the video one person asks why the tears on are the eyes, with the implication it is too coincidental to be non-miraculous. Well the answer is simple, statues that cry elsewhere are ignored, people simply think "oh there's a damp stain on that statue" or very likely they don't notice the damp patch if it isn't near the eyes, therefore they forget about damp in places not related to the eyes; they certainly don't phone a TV station thus you don't hear about all the statues with damp spots in places far away from the eyes. Religious people see what they want to see, they distort reality to fit their flawed perceptions.

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