Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thinking About Brainy Intelligence

This idea of being able to genetically determine, and possibly create, greater intelligence based on genes regarding certain humans, it is very interesting. I do however lean towards the Gattaca (1997) idea of there being no gene for the human spirit (will).

I think anyone can be very intelligent merely by thinking about it, if you think about thinking enough, because thinking or intelligence is simply a matter of thinking. Intelligence is simply a matter of will, providing you are not suffering severest brain damage.

Almost all genetic combinations regarding human brains allow people to think, although it could be argued certain genes make people less behaviourally inclined to think about things. It is an odd situation where we all have brains but some people choose, for whatever reason, to not utilise their brains. Can a person's genetic make-up really prevent thinking or can all humans think despite genetic nuances?

Singularity 2045
The search for a genetic cause of greater intelligence in humans.

"Consider the challenge of choosing a meaningful population. Once your units are settled, everyone agrees how to measure height. But how does one objectively measure intelligence? How does one even define intelligence? BGI readily admits there isn’t a rock solid method. Nothing like a good old wooden yardstick, running straight and true."


China’s BGI to Sequence 2,200 Geniuses In Search For “Smart” Genes
In the world of genomics, Chinese biotech giant BGI is big and getting bigger. The firm agreed to purchase Bay Area juggernaut Complete Genomics for a bargain basement $117 million in 2012. BGI owns 1...

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