Sunday, 9 June 2013

Scarcity NWO Globalist Bilderberg Kurzweil Utopia

It is good to see Ray tentatively grasping to notion of all governments being obsolete, but he does not go far enough thus the NWO anti-Bilderberg brigade fear the globalist agenda, they fear a blueprint for global tyranny is being created. If Ray fully explained the ramifications of the Singularity people would be less likely to fear the coming overhaul of civilization, but sadly I think Ray himself, despite the great effort he has made to publicise the Singularity, does not fully appreciate the Singularity.

On numerous occasions Ray has stated he is not a utopian, I have written about this. I have explained his errors. Hopefully Ray is slowly changing his mind regarding utopia. If he did fully explain the Singularity he would highlight how all violence arises from scarcity, he would then explain how technology liberates us from scarcity, which means despite inflation products are becoming relatively cheaper. The history of aluminium is a good example of how technology liberates us from scarcity because formerly, in the 1840s, aluminium was more expensive than gold or platinum due to inefficient technology entailing great difficulties extracting aluminium from the Earth, thereby making aluminium very scarce, but in the year 2013 people regularly throw aluminium foil away after cooking because technology has largely liberated us from aluminium-scarcity.

Technology increases power and efficiency. This means we continually do more for less, thus we will approach a point where ultra-efficient automation entails an extreme abundance of resources, thus everything will be free, nobody will need to work. What has happened with aluminium will happen with all resources but the scarcity-reduction will be significantly greater thus everything will be free. This situation is called Post-Scarcity, which is alternate way to define the Singularity.

Governments only exist to manage scarcity, they manage the social dysfunction arising from scarcity, thus via eliminating scarcity you eliminate all governments. All need for oppression becomes obsolete when scarcity is vanquished thus dictators will not arise. There is a bigger picture beyond the parochial concerns of borders on Earth. The abolition of scarcity means anyone will be able to 3D-print a spaceship then zoom off into Space where resources are incredibly plentiful. The amount of people remaining on Earth will be tiny, so the meek can actually inherit the Earth but it will be an Earth without governments or borders.

The NWO is a scarcity-fantasy both for proponents and opponents, it is regarding people who are ignorant of the future, they fail to see how existence will change radically, in ways they can hardly imagine, beyond their short-term scarcity-based outlook.

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