Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Singularity Is Super Atheism - Science Isn't God

The Singularity will turn us into atheists because science is atheist orientated. The Singularity is super-science thus super-atheism. Religions in all forms, even in a metaphoric sense, are due to limited intelligence, limited technology, thus the Singularity is the opposite of Gods and religion. Some people think the Singularity will turn us into Gods, but the truth is we are actually being turned into scientists. People who think the Singularity will turn us into Gods have poorly grasped the nature of explosive intelligence.

People who are unaware of science may think science is a miracle, mystical, or magic, especially if the science is very advanced, but via intelligence, via science, we can see science is simply intelligence, it is about understanding reality, matter, it is not about Gods in any shape or form.

This brief explanation of the Singularity being atheist was inspired by the video below, but sadly the video below is not the sole source regarding deification of science. Note how someone called B J Murphy published an article via IEET titled "A Transhumanist’s Journey To Becoming Gods, Angels, and Ghosts." Sadly it seems voodoo holy mystics are intent upon dominating futuristic science and technology.

If you have not already done so you might also want to read my previous post "Logcial Fallacy Regarding Singularity," which explains in more detail the fallacy of linking religion to science and technology.

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