Tuesday, 4 June 2013

G-plus Is For People Who've Hacked The Matrix

Charles Arthur has written an article in the Guardian called "Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix." Charles bemoans the lack of privacy on Google, or as he expresses it: Google is the Matrix "...that knows everything you're thinking, and which guides what you see and experience." Charles also wrongly expresses the notion that hardly anyone uses G+. For example he says they don't Tweet G+ links. Well, here's one of my regular G+ Tweeted links:

It is mystifying how some commentators insist nobody is active on G+. I have a Singularity Page on G+ with 15,941 people following the Page, furthermore the number of followers is increasing by about 200 each day! Not all those people comment, thankfully, but there is a regular amount of commenting and sharing regarding my posts. The problem, if any, with G+, is that people are too active, there are too many posts therefore I find people often miss my posts because I am competing with various streams which have very heavy turnovers.

The people who think nobody uses G+ are probably the people who don't use G+. It is comparable to saying there's nobody on this planet while floating in Space. If you're unaware of TV existing you might think nobody watches TV, thus an isolated Amazon or Brazilian tribal person is probably at this moment wondering why nobody watches TV, or why nobody works in a bank. People who don't use G+ are comparable to "uncontacted peoples."

Google+ isn't the Matrix, it is for people who have hacked the Matrix. Plusers have gained access to vastly greater data streams, they are deeply interconnected, they see deeper into things because knowledge is power. Plusers are NOT blindly living in unawareness, they very proficiently control their access to knowledge via G+, they hack the Matrix. I can easily contact Robert Scoble and many other clued-up technology experts. G+ is a great social network.

Charles also mentioned Google's adverts. LOL! I suppose in the media there's a collective denial regarding Adblock Plus. Adverts on the Internet, LMFAO, I haven't seen one for years so frankly I don't care how Google farms my usage-statistics. I nearly always find what I am looking for despite any alleged filter bubbles.

Finally, here is my rapidly growing G+ Page, Singularity 2045, if you want to join the awakening intelligentsia who realize the immense benefit of G+:

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