Thursday, 7 April 2011

PS topic on Singularity Hub

I've started a debate on Singularity Hub regarding Post-Scarcity.

Should “Post-Scarcity” be a more prominent Singularity topic?

Within the Singularity community there is a lack of publicity, or awareness, regarding Post-Scarcity.

For people who don’t know what Post-Scarcity is, in a nutshell it entails everything being free (the abolition of money). Everything being free occurs due to superabundance of goods and services. Superabundance will be created via AI, nanotechnology (nano-assembly nanobots), and 3D printing. Things only possess monetary value due to scarcity. Monetary prices are required to restrict limited supplies in situations of scarcity. High-powered-AI will ensure our available resources are effectively limitless.

The question is: Should Post-Scarcity be a more prominent feature of the Singularity?

Everything being free is something everyone can relate to, therefore greater prominence regarding Post-Scarcity could easily increase popular support for the Singularity.

Additional Details:

Post-Scarcity will entail space-colonization, for free.

Via personal 3D-printing and nano-assembly the Singularity will allow each individual to print their own spaceship. We will cease to be limited by Earth’s resources but before we become a "space-faring-species" technology will allow the available resources on Earth to be used with extreme efficiency. Arid deserts will be transformed into green pastures, or dense forests, according to our needs. We will build airborne cities, underwater cities, and cities that float on the sea. Some people may adapt their bodies to live permanently in the sea. The possibilities are endless; we could miniaturize our bodies thus very minimal resources would be required, or we could live in virtual reality (discarding our bodies completely) thus entire virtual worlds could be stored as compressed data within the space of one cubic millimeter once technology evolves to that standard.

There will be absolutely no scarcity. All physical and psychological limitations will be surpassed. There will be limitless intelligence and limitless control of our environment and bodies for everyone. The shackles of mental and physical toil will be abolished; there will be total freedom; absolutely everything will be free; there will be no Price System; there will be no money; it will be total Post-Scarcity.

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