Friday, 8 April 2011

NO JOBS in 2045: Freedom!

It is very radical and people tend to be very skeptical regarding what I suggest, but my ideas correlate very clearly and strongly with credible science and technological forecasts.

In 2045 there will be no jobs and no money because everything will be free due to a technological explosion of intelligence. This explosion of intelligence hinges upon AI (advanced computing power), which will create supremely sustainable ultra-efficient devices.

Prospective AI will facilitate super high-tech inventions thereby allowing our available resources to be effectively limitless thus there will be no need to restrict scarce supplies via monetary constraints (see this page for more information about Post-Scarcity).

So when people ask how individual jobs will look in 2045, the answer is that there will be no jobs, no employment, no money. All jobs in 2045 will be totally automated therefore people will have total leisure time if they desire it. Undoubtedly people will continue to inject creative and intelligent input into the evolution of our civilization, but “work” in 2045 will not be required because AI and robots will perform any task anyone requires for free.

IMB predicts that it will create a sugar-cube-sized supercomputer sometime around 2020-2025. Now with that ultra-small and very powerful supercomputer, imagine how that device will be able to create the next generation of smaller and more powerful supercomputers sometime around 2035-2040.

So when you reach 2040 we will have progressed from sugar-cube-sized supercomputers to nanoscopic sized supercomputers, which will augment our bodies and minds, and this is only in 2040 which is 5 years away from 2045. People need to begin grasping how RADICALLY different civilization will be in 2045.

IBM has already created Artificial Intelligence software called Watson, which recently beat humans in a general knowledge TV quiz. Watson can understand and use human language. Now imagine the latest version of Watson in 2040 running on nanoscopic sized supercomputers? Perhaps now you begin to comprehend why there will be no money and jobs in 2045.

The inventions that supercomputers create will allow everyone to be richer than the richest billionaire: there will be no scarcity thus no requirement for monetary restrictions applied to limited supplies. We will enter a limitless era of ultra-hyper-sustainability where total abundance and harmony are the steadfast norms.

The technology or yesterday allows us to create the technology of tomorrow quicker than was possible with the technology of 10 years ago: the rate of technological evolution is continually accelerating, and soon people will begin to notice the acceleration.

Here is a good infographic on Flickr which shows ten years of Apple computing progress.

See also: Wikipedia Watson.

Honestly, this is not science fiction. The evidence of progress so far combined with logical projections are very realistic.

There will be no money, no jobs, no businesses, and no Governments in 2045; it will be utopia, everything will be free, it will be true freedom. Post-Scarcity is coming!

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