Sunday, 10 April 2011

PS explained for Post-Scarcity skeptics.

Someone recently claimed Post-Scarcity is a myth. The real myth regarding PS-denial is the 'logic' which claims PS to be a myth. The alleged 'logic' regarding PS-deniers is fantastical, fallacious, mythical, fictional. There is no logic regarding PS-deniers. PS-denial is illogical.

Here is my explanation of why PS is not a myth:

There will be no trading in the future. In the future there will only be free sharing. "Trading" is a scarcity based mentality. The future will be a "giving" based mentality. All the primitive reasons for trade such as high-living-standards, growing food, or manufacturing will be completely automated and free: each individual will have the power to do anything without any expenditure of effort or toil.

People only require power over other people in situations of scarcity, therefore any individual of exceptionally superlative preeminent thinking will happily share all ideas for free. Such a situation will not exist where individuals restrict knowledge or skills. All individuals will have the power to perfectly emulate any hypothetically highly intelligent person. Idea-rapaciousness (knowledge hording) is incredibly narrow-minded (stupid) and it will not exist for highly intelligent beings.

Hording in all forms only occurs due to scarcity. Do people horde or restrict the supply of air? People don't horde air. There is no restriction of air because air is an example of Post-Scarcity. Intelligence and skills in the future will be as superabundant as air.

Some people say the Singularity is a myth. The problem is that people severely underestimate the colossal magnitude of the intelligence explosion. The intelligence of individual AIs will not be 10 or 100 times greater than human intelligence, the intelligence will be in the region of 1 billion times greater.

The question regarding the Singularity is how will super-intelligence manifest? What would be the intelligent thing to do? Once you understand "intelligence" you can then with confidence and accuracy predict in general terms how the Singularity will manifest. Scarcity in all forms will be abolished. The Singularity will create Post-Scarcity on all levels of existence: psychological and physiological.

My logic leads me to conclude that all intelligence is logical thus hyper-intelligence will logically alleviate the immense suffering and imbalances caused by scarcity. The future is always unknowable but we can make realistic conjectures. Ultimately we must wait and see but Post-Scarcity is the likeliest scenario if we base our conjectures on logic.

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