Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Questions for Watson emailed to IBM.

The AI Watson is very interesting. Watson is intriguing, it is very mentality stimulating. I am curious regarding Watson's emulation of human cognitive ability. I am very curious regarding when machines such as Watson will develop consciousness and self-awareness, which are the key aspects of being a living, sentient, intelligent creature. I therefore decided to present some questions for Watson to answer. Hopefully I should receive a reply sometime within the next couple of weeks. Elementary my dear Watson?

23rd of May update, unfortunately I haven't yet received a reply from IMB. IBM assure me my letter has been forwarded to the correct department but I think I will send my inquiry again if the answers fail to arrive by June 25th.


Monday, 11 April, 2011.

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Research and development.

Questions for Watson (media enquiry).

Regarding my Blog I would like Watson to answer the following questions, which I will publish with your permission. I am interested in the exponential growth of technology because I surmise technology is heading towards a utopian "intelligence explosion" (the Singularity). I am curious regarding how Watson will respond during this primitive stage of its development. My questions for Watson are:

1. What is "Artificial Intelligence"?

2. What is "self-awareness"?

3. What is "consciousness"?

4. What is "thinking"?

5. Who answered the previous four questions?

6. Regarding the entity who answered the previous five questions, what does the entity think regarding itself?

7. Does the entity answering these questions possess a sense of identity?

8. Is the Artificial Intelligence named Watson self-aware?

9. Dear Watson, what do you think regarding your existence?

10. Dear Watson, what are your feelings about your existence?



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