Monday, 7 May 2012

Stupidity Intelligence Capitalism Scarcity

Mass stupidity is a crucial requirement for capitalist civilization. I am explaining here the socioeconomic interdependence (interconnectedness) of stupidity and #capitalism. Human stupidity is an artificial construct designed to create vast riches for a minority of people. This is the fundamental ethos of capitalism. Capitalism is the creation of mass stupidity because stupidity creates massive riches for a minority of people. It is all about scarcity. Bureaucracy is a key feature of capitalism therefore it is important to note how:

The ethos of capitalism decrees Mass-stupidity must be an essential component of civilization because only via mass-stupidity will the majority of people meekly accept massive income inequality. Mass stupidity must therefore be socially engineered to ensure a minority of people have superior access to scarce resources.

"Meetings make people stupid because they impair their ability to think for themselves, scientists have found."

Every aspect of our global culture is designed to perpetuate and reinforce mass stupidity because every aspect of culture is designed to perpetuate massive wealth for a minority of people. Only via mass stupidity will the majority of the population (low paid workers) accept their subservient positions where they are unfairly exploited by cruel and greedy businesses. Only via stupidity will masses of people accept their exploited status in thrall to callous Governments and corporations.

If intelligent people were forced to perform menial jobs for low pay, those intelligent people would rebel against their unfair exploitation. Intelligent people would never accept low pay for any work they do. Intelligent people would not be willing or happy workers if they were forced to perform mind-numbing jobs for a pittance.

Capitalist civilization simply cannot support masses of intelligent people because if everybody was an Einstein genius nobody would want to waste their time doing mindless drudgery work, or at the very least they would want equal pay comparative the people doing the genius work. An intelligent person can see how all jobs contributing to civilization are equally important, thus all workers deserve equal pay, therefore this is why stupidity must be manufactured in a capitalist civilization. Only via mass stupidity will the majority of people accept their low pay. Only via mass stupidity will menial workers ignore the truth regarding how all workers are equally important. Only stupid people can be truly happy doing menial work.

Connecticut judge rules that police can bar applicants with high IQ scores.

Court OKs the barring of high IQs for potential cops.

All workers deserve equal pay but poor people are too stupid to realize this. This is how a tiny minority of people become very rich. This is capitalism. Stupid people create vast wealth for a minority of people.

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