Thursday, 3 May 2012


The idea of "digital" immortality will with hindsight appear very naive. It is very primitive akin to the hankering for cybernetic enhancement in the modality of Stelarc. Mind-uploading is an outdated 1980s type of cybernetics vision, where robots are clunking mechanical contraptions. For example some people already think reality is digital regarding the Simulation argument, therefore we could already be uploaded but there is no 80s type "digital" about our current uploaded status.

When technology has progressed in 2045, there will be no valid distinction between organic and inorganic. Mind-uploading is a valuable thing to consider purely as a Steam-Punk type fashion, but regarding logic mind-uploading is comparable to advocating the freedom to wear and blue tee-shirt instead of a red tee-shirt, it is nonsensical, frivolous inanity, a superficial type of fashionable escapism.

My above views were prompted via this article:

"For Dr Stuart Armstrong, the rise of the idea of digital immortality is due to the realisation that this time – perhaps – we actually have the key to immortality in our hands. Dr Armstrong is research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford."

Mind-uploading is popular in the mainstream media lately. The Guardian recently reported on the following video. The final edit of my comment in response to the video is listed below.

1. The Singularity is not mind-uploading. Mind-loading will never really become a reality not because it is impossible, it will be possible, but it is a parochial concept like 1980s cyberpunk or steampunk, it will be hopelessly outdated in 2045. Mind-uploading is a fashionable affectation, not a serious premise. Mind-uploading is merely a fashionable statement without substance because in the future it simply will be unneeded. The future of reality will be as though you are already uploaded thus uploading within the upload is superfluous, like being unable to see the wood because the trees are obscuring your view. We will manipulate reality with far greater prowess than the manipulation associated with primitive digital mind-uploading.

2. Money, rules, regulation, laws, and Governments will all be obsolete in 2045 due to Post-Scarcity. All constraints on freedom are based wholly on scarcity problems. Money and all constraints associated with money are only needed to regulate scarcity. Post-Scarcity is inevitable. Once 3D-printing grows as big as in the internet then prices will tumble eventually to zero. The basic fabric of society will harmoniously crumble. The increasing power of computing cannot be stopped thus Post-Scarcity cannot be stopped because computing is at the heart of all advanced technology. High-powered computers are inevitable thus Post-Scarcity is inevitable. Everything will be free in all senses of the word, total liberty and no prices. Our wealth will be limitless, we will be free.

In the future we will control matter with expertise vastly greater than mind-uploading. Mind-uploading is the obsolete punchcard-floppy-disk-Betamax technology of the future. If you tell someone in the year 2045 that you want to upload your mind they'll look at you as though you want to use an abacus. You don't need to upload your mind to be immortal. The whole concept of mind-uploading is a very primitive idea, it is an affectation like 80s clunking robots or SteamPunk.

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