Sunday, 6 May 2012

Eric Drexler's Radical Abundance.

People familiar with futuristic technology will probably be aware of Eric Drexler's 1986 book Engines of Creation. Eric is now working on, or has finished, a new book called Radical Abundance, which will be published in 2013.

Post-Scarcity is the most important issue in the history of the human race. I am really glad to see respected people such as Eric Drexler and Peter Diamandis writing these books. In my small way I've been trying to publicize Post-Scarcity for the past couple of years; it is encouraging to note the idea is now gathering momentum.

I recently created a page on Google+ titled "Post-Scarcity Warriors" which I am continuing to develop. I am doing everything I can to raise PS awareness because people really need to become aware of how everything in the not too distant future will be free (no prices and no jobs). Anticipation of such freedom has the power to really make our world a vastly better place.

I consider myself to be an unofficial expert on Post-Scarcity, therefore if Eric wanted a quote for his book or if he wanted to discuss things with me then I would gladly help, but he has probably finished writing his book. It can be long time before finishing a book that it becomes available for the public to purchase. At least I can look forward to reading it. I can also look forward to greater PS awareness.

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