Monday, 29 October 2012

Some People Misunderstand The Singularity

Today I noticed an article via titled: "Why the Singularity won’t be as big a deal as you might think." Below is my comment in response.

It is wrong to state there have been previous Singularities. There is only one Singularity, which this article explains: []. For example the iPhone was not a Singularity.

There is nothing to fear regarding the Singularity, but despite having nothing to fear it will be clearly noticeable; it will be utterly radical. If you notice you are alive you will notice the Singularity but some people today do not notice they are alive, some people today are utterly oblivious automatons. Idiocy-based oblivion of modern minds will thankfully not persist in the future thus extreme revolutionary events will be very noticeable.

Imagine the fervour some people experience regarding the least version of the iPhone, now multiple that by 10,000 times at least (which is very conservative thus perhaps it would be more realistic to imagine a multiplication by one million times), and apply it to everyone. Imagine a situation where everything is free, nobody needs to work, you can print anything you want, and we are all immortal - this is a glimpse of the Singularity; we will all be liberated from the mundane mindlessness of scarcity-based toil, thus via cultural shifts and intelligence amplification, we will experience reality with greater depth, greater intelligence, thus simple joys such as printing a spaceship in your own home and then flying off into space, to explore or create new worlds, will be a mind-blowing joy of extreme elation.

I also posted about this via the Singularity 2045 page on Google Plus:

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