Tuesday, 16 October 2012

@NASA ISS Skydive Project Suggestion

Dear NASA,

I am sure you noticed recent news about Felix Baumgartner, regarding his extremely high skydive. This news made me wonder about the possibility of a skydive from the ISS. I want NASA to undertake a project where an astronaut skydives from the ISS to Earth.

Obviously some type of wingsuit would be need to avoid the spin Felix experienced, furthermore a small amount of propulsion would be needed, but I think this potential project could be completed safely with relatively little expense.

Successful completion of this project would improve astronaut safety, in emergency situations, where they are required to escape from a spaceship or space-station, and the project would be very inspirational thereby ensuring great interest regarding our future in Space. In addition to the wingsuit I suspect drogue-braking would also be needed.

Anyway, maybe you can consider this project? What do you think? Is the possibility of this project beyond our current technology?

Kind regards

Singularity Utopia

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