Saturday, 20 October 2012

Technology will ensure everything is free. #OpPS

Here's a Press Release I have sent to and

I'm not part of Anonymous or Occupy movements but we do share common ground because we all want to create a better world.

I am Singularity Utopia. I focus on how accelerating technological proficiency will create a utopian intelligence explosion no later than year 2045. Post-Scarcity and the Singularity are synonymous because superabundant intelligence will create a superabundance of all resources, therefore our available resources will be essentially limitless; there will be no scarcity, which means everything will be free similar to the air we breathe daily. Furthermore monetary freedom will entail libertarian freedom, thus all governments will be obsolete because governments only exist to regulate the social-dysfunction arising from scarcity.

Recently I had a debate about some of these issues with a member of the Occupy movement. I hope this debate will be of interest to Anons, Occupy activists, and other interesting people around the world.

The Singularity isn't an overnight solution to world problems, but it gives us hope because it shows us how around 30 years from now everything will be free. 2045 may seem a long time away but considering how the Singularity will create immortality (all illnesses will be curable and the damage of aging will be reversible), then it is not too far away. You could say "the Singularity is near."

"Hope" can be a powerful force in the present. I hope everybody will take time to raise Post-Scarcity awareness or at least consider these issues. #OpPS

Regards, Singularity Utopia.

Disclaimer: I only condone and advocate lawful methods to raise awareness.

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