Friday, 1 February 2013

Does The Daily Mail Have #Fascist Leanings?

People often say the Daily Mail has Right Wing leanings. The mail has been often derided for being homophobic, racist, and generally fascist, thus people have re-branded Mail via the names Daily Fail or Daily Wail. One Daily Mail writer stated the Nazi slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei," formerly at the entrances to concentration camps, was actually a good slogan; the writer described the dignity of menial work while stating the slogan was only somewhat tainted. An angry backlash regarding the Daily Mail Arbeit Macht Frei incident resulted in the offending segment being deleted.    

Rational Wiki wrote: "During the 1930s the Daily Mail was sympathetic to German and Italian fascism." in the 1930s, Viscount Rothermere, who supported Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists, and Rothermere was on friendly terms with Hitler and Mussolini.

Anyway that's enough background. This blog-post was was inspired by a Daily Mail article, dated 31st Jan 2013, regarding Gay men on Gindr posting sexually flirtatious pictures of themselves at a Holocaust memorial in Germany. The Daily Mail reported in a shocked tone thereby giving credence to supposed "outrage." I don't actually think it is outrageous for Gay men to behave in this way, I think the Daily Mail is merely being homophobic, fascist, regarding their condemnation of Gay men freely expressing their sexuality. Via giving journalistic time to what are essentially homophobic reactions the Daily Mail is partaking in the homophobia directed towards Gindr.

I am sure Hitler would not have allowed such freedom for Gay men. Thankfully we now live in a freer world therefore in most parts of the world Gay people can live in peace, they can visit any area to take pictures of themselves. Overthrowing the Nazis was all about gaining freedom and this is what we have today. Gay men have the freedom to take their tops off and photograph themselves at a war memorial. This is a brilliant example of freedom. I am so glad the Nazis are not around to stop this but sadly it seems the Daily Mail would prefer stop it. Perhaps the Daily Mail has not thrown off their fascist history? Note how reported on a modern occasion of the Daily Mail allegedly supporting fascism regarding the "French Fascist candidate Marine Le Pen."

Despite my criticism of the Mail I recognise it can be a good source for various types of news, particularly regarding sciience an technology, which is a sad situation. I look forward to an age where news ceases to be relevant, an age where we don't need to rely on businesses to collate news, an age where all irrationality is obsolete, an age where all individuals are extremely powerful. We need the intelligence explosion sooner instead of later.

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