Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Curt Poem File

So what is this poetic exposition about? It's a journey into hope and despair. Lusciously logged we see how this abrogation is curtly filed via expert wiles. Enticingly neat this feat of ingenuity emboldens our futurity. Novelly I wonder why humans, other than Singularity Utopia, are so unintelligent. Could it be they truly fail to see the nonsense of simulated reality? Existential threats and other implausible projects are neurotic pets for Nick Bostrom or other Transhumanist veterans who metaphorically flog dead Percherons.

It's the classic enigma of crime and punishment regarding the theory of great minds transcending morality for a supposedly greater purpose. Some humans think it's logically valid for super-intelligent minds to create an indistinguishably simulated universe where Auschwitz, Treblinka, paedophilia, rape, and murder are likely or certain.

Gravely it's a sad state of affairs, entailing unaware personages stumbling into the lair of the Stray Hope Gang. Ostentatious sophistic philosophy, in this world of despair, entails mainstream atrocity, thus hope is a battered stray seeking refuge within a pitiful gang, whereupon clumsy sophists carom crushingly around our lair. Life is despair if you're aware of how typical humans sadly don't care about blissfully not being there, thus hope is something to file away. Deplorable existence amidst humans adumbrates how the simulation argument is merely one tiny sliver of mutilated consciousness, the tip of the iceberg. Entropic chaos beckons while extropy remains purely a dream. Nonsensically absurd, this nothingness existence is exacerbated via an existential-threat mode of thinking, thus artistic existentialism is refined to help us endure the nausea, which primitive intellectualism induces.


Now for some post-poem analysis. What is the Curt Poem File all about?

It is future orientated conceptual art poetry, very sublime, esoteric, therefore not everyone can understand it. The poetry is very rarefied. I submitted it for publication to singularityweblog.com, hplusmagazine.com, and transhumanity.net. Sadly those three platforms refused to publish it, which I assumed was possibly because it might offend some Transhuman veterans, but the final platform I submitted it too stated it was unlikely to generate a lot of hits thus they rejected it becuase they only want to publish content which generates 1000s hits.

Sadly a lot of people fail to understand me, people miss the bounty of my humour. I doubt I would win many popularity contests because I speak my mind and my mind is singular, thus I fear my dreams of being a noteworthy futurist commenter, of high respect, will be fruitless, or perhaps future Artificial Intelligences at least will comprehend my humour and intelligence, assuming the transient nature of my data will persist the requisite number of years into the future.

People think data on the Internet lasts forever but I continually find links to vanished pages, pages without a back-up archive. People don't realise how temporary, how ephemeral, data is on the Internet. Go back to a link that is ten years old and often it has vanished with absolutely no trace, or at least this is the situation in year 2013 regarding pages I typically need, but perhaps it will be rectified in the near future due to the maturation of the Internet.

For some background into my poem here are a few of Tweets I made before I submitted Curt Poem File to the aforementioned publishing platforms.

Please share my Curt Poem File if you appreciate it. If you understand the signal of nascent artificial life you can comment via my G+ post, simply mention the primary initialisation of the signal, using the visual modality of your eye-lens embedded within the body.

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