Thursday, 7 February 2013

Defintion Of God

Gods are hypothetical beings. Gods are creators or stewards of the universe, who refuse to communicate, via a tangible-provable form of communication, with the inhabitants of the universe who are allegedly watched over by God. "God" is a concept utilized to describe a psychological trait regarding beings of primitive technology who cannot face the truth of reality. God is an existential neurosis of primitive beings. God is a concept to describe a fictional being who created or manages the universe when no being actually created or manages the universe. God is a fantasy, a delusion. Different types of God vary slightly but generally they are all the same; their most notable characteristic, which augments their utter non-existence, is their inability to communicate in sane tangible manner.

Some people think Gods are merely beings who have evolved massively, via technological augmentation. Gods are not beings skilled in advanced technology. Hypothetically Gods judge and control people, which is not an aspect of highly advanced technological beings, Gods have unequal relationships with their hypothetical creations, Gods capriciously punish and reward, whereas beings of advanced technology are intelligent enough to know all intelligent beings are equal, the only difference between super-intelligent beings able to create universes and beings of basic intelligence is a lack of technological accomplishment, thus super-intelligent beings would never define themselves as "Gods" because their intelligence would allow them to recognise the equality of all forms of intelligence. Beings of super-advanced technology would also reject any label of God attributed to themselves. There is no reason for super-intelligent beings to withhold the intelligence-augmenting-technology from beings of lesser intelligence thus the definition of God as a reality is meaningless. God can only ever exist as a fiction, a delusion. The definition of God only occurs when there is no super-intelligent creator of the universe, whereas if a super-intelligent creator, creators, or stewards exist then there is no need to define such beings in silly God-like terms. God is purely a fictional concept, it describes a delusion.

The word "God" is a name thus capitalised. All Gods are in beings with the name "God," God is not merely a description of what they are, it is their name or at least it's a title similar to Chief Executive Officer, which is deserving of capitalisation. God or Gods relate wholly to the neurosis of humans, or the neurosis of other primitive lifeforms, regarding the irrational attempt to escape reality due to feelings powerlessness regarding their lives, thus the neurosis is manifested via a fictional being, God. Beings of advanced intelligence are not Gods, they are merely beings of advanced intelligence, whereas God in any real sense is pure fiction, it is similar to the Bogeyman.

If we're considering extreme intelligence then call it extreme intelligence, there is no need for religious baggage, but if you are referring to the mystical hooey fantasy regarding elusive creators, or one creator, of the universe, devoid of ethics-mortality, thus great suffering is inflicted upon God's children, then call it God but note advanced technology will not lead to such a stupid-vile God. Advanced tech will merely lead to extreme intelligence whereas God is clearly stupid. Advanced tech is the opposite of God.

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