Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Transhumanity Manifesto By Singularity Utopia

Inspired by Yawn! The ‘Transhumanist Declaration’ is Boring! $50 Prize for the Best Upgrade.

Technological progress is quicker every year. Accelerating technology will create utopia by 2045. Our minds and bodies will be liberated from all limitations. Via technology we will become immortal, we will be super-intelligent.

Technology will create Post-Scarcity, which means everything will be free. Nobody will need to work, everyone will be able to have anything they want. Ultra-efficient robots will automate all work. All governments will be abolished. Governments exist solely to regulate the source of all social dysfunction, scarcity, therefore all governments will be obsolete. Products and services only have prices due to scarce supplies. We will overcome all limitations. Total freedom is our future. We will be physically, psychologically, sociologically and economically FREE. We will transcend all limitations.

To prove the validity of our expectations we reference various facts. The story of aluminium is a brilliant educational tool for people who are unaware of technological progress. Aluminium illustrates how increasing technological efficiency entails dramatically lower prices. In the year 1855 aluminium was more expensive than gold or platinum, but in the year 2013 people typically discard aluminium foil after cooking. The evolution of the Internet superbly illustrates rapid technological advancement. The growing field of 3D-printing helps people see how in the not too distant future all production will be totally decentralized, therefore individuals will freely print intergalactic spaceships or any other item they desire. Regenerative medicine, via stem cells or other medical technologies, allows people to envisage our future immortality. When people wrongly assume death or ageing is inevitable we will cite examples from cutting-edge medicine. We will publicise breakthroughs in nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and robotics. We're heading towards an explosion of intelligence therefore we will document the progress of artificial intelligence.

Our growing intelligence allows us to explain how paranoia regarding the future is invalid. We will explain how the future will be extremely intelligent not stupid. We will apply our logic to overcome all critics, doubters, sceptics. Our intense rationality will be impeccable.

We raise awareness. We inspire people. Our awareness will accelerate the acceleration. Via our awareness we will dramatically change the world. We will give people hope for the future. We are the architects of utopia. We are creating limitless perfection, beyond scarcity.

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