Friday, 24 May 2013

#3Dprinting Guns Isn't Depressing

Huffington Post wrote: "After the depressing news 3D printing was being used to produce handguns..."

I disagree, freedom is certainly NOT depressing.

Information wants to be free. If you value liberty you must value total unfettered access to information. Everything is becoming information, data which we print, due to 3D-printing.

The only reason why violence occurs is because people are oppressed therefore more freedom is the answer if people truly want to live in a world free of violence, so this means greater access to guns will in the long run decrease violence. Suppressing violence via censorship will only make people more inclined to violent rebellion. Suppression, repression, censorship could induce apparently mindless violence (uncontrolled rage). It's all about scarcity, violence. Violence has a reason, humans are not unreasonable beings but a failure to understand scarcity means humans can appear unreasonable when authoritarianism is used to suppress violence instead of the intelligent option where we try to understand why violence exists.

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