Wednesday, 1 May 2013

More Thoughts About Aliens-Gods Cult

I wrote the following comment regarding my debunking of the Sirius alien, Ata (Atacama). 

I have no problems with aliens existing somewhere in the universe. My issue is that they are simply not intelligent enough to reach Earth yet, they are not yet technologically advanced. Compared to humans aliens are at a similar or lesser level of technological advancement. In this article I highlight the incongruity of the intelligence needed to possess highly advanced technology combined with the blatant stupidity of aliens who moronically crash their ships, or they play silly and very elusive communication games where their communicativeness resembles messages from God.

The fallacy of aliens visiting Earth is clear. Alien visitation is clearly a human wish not based upon reality, thus people attribute human intelligence (stupidity) to technologically advanced aliens. Supporters of alien visitation forget to apply greater intelligence to aliens, a type of intelligence inevitably resulting from greater technology, thus the erroneous falsehood of aliens moronically bestowing their technology occurs, either via accident or design, to secretive and corrupt humans leaders, or the aliens randomly crash or land in a moronic way incongruous with their intelligent technology.

The scientists investigating the alien in the Sirius documentary has now concluded the so-called "alien" is actually human in origin, it is merely a mutated human. I mentioned in the article how the "alien" could be humans experimenting on humans, and I also mentioned natural mutation.

This is the first alien skepticism or debunking article I have written. I don't have a compelling need to debunk aliens, similarly I don't have a need to debunk God, but when the level of alien or God supporters impinges significantly upon my life, when religious people reach a point of unbearable proselytizing, I will be moved occasionally to respond regarding their attempts to push their flawed ideologies into my life. Criticism of aliens similar to my atheism is merely my response to what is essentially recruitment into a cult. God and aliens are irrational cults, which I reject.

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