Saturday, 25 May 2013

Artificial Versus Natural Intelligence - False Divide

I think the "us" versus "them" divide regarding #AcceleratingIntelligence of AIs and Homo sapiens is misguided. We will all be equally intelligent. Every being (natural or "artificial") will be able to expand their mind if they want to, although some people lean towards Homo sapiens or AIs being superior.

George Dvorsky writing for thinks Humans With Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI:

"Unlike efforts to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), or even an artificial superintelligence (SAI), the human brain already presents us with a pre-existing intelligence to work with. Radically extending the abilities of a pre-existing human mind — whether it be through genetics, cybernetics or the integration of external devices — could result in something quite similar to how we envision advanced AI."

So who do you think will be smarter, Homo sapiens or AI? I think there will essentially be no difference between so-called "natural" and so-called "artificial" intelligence. I think there is only "intelligence." I think future AIs will swiftly be deemed natural biological entities. It does not really matter upon what substrate a mind exists if it is alive. Intelligent is intelligence and if something is alive it is biological even if the biology is totally different from the DNA coding of our (Homo sapiens) intelligence. A graphene based mind will be equally alive compared to a DNA mind.

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