Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Extreme agony of living in the pre-Singularity era


People know me for the hope I present but many people do not realize my hope arises from deepest pain, absolute anguish, total despair. Utopia could easily be created but I fear humans are too stupid to want utopia therefore humans will probably need to be dragged kicking and screaming into utopia. If one billion hyper-smart nanobots were injected into the brain of a typical human I nevertheless fear the typical human would stubbornly continue to be stupid. Humans, it transpires, will cling to their stupidity with absolutely extreme tenacity.

One person actually stated: "Utopia would be hell. Luckily Utopia doesn't exist in our Universe." People often hassle me regarding the definition for utopia. CRYING OUT LOUD! It's utopia, it's obvious what it is. These people, really! Wasting my time and energy with their nonsense minds. Often people will try to inform me how my utopian views are mere wishful thinking, but such statements reveal blatant ignorance regarding social-dynamics, sociology, psychology. I'm perpetually trying to explain the nature of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and other similar concepts but people fail to comprehend basic cause and consequence. Honestly, I'm not a fool, my ideas regarding utopia are not mere wishful thinking. My sociodynamic plans for utopia are rational, logical, and pragmatic. Sadly people never really think. You know, thinking?


The illusion of the internet, which leads me to believe I can change the world, thus I forgo eating and general-life-maintenance in a manic effort to communicate positive messages of hope; it's a nightmare.

I need "hope" so desperately, I need people to utilize their brains, I need people to cease their stupid small-minded negativity. My life depends upon "hope" but perhaps my communications are too tainted by despair. Do people see the irony when I proclaim utopia? Perhaps people do not see my irony because I do keep it relatively secret. Furthermore my pleas for utopia are not completely ironic. Despite my secret pessimism I do sincerely believe in the possibility of utopia. Despite my nearly overwhelming sense of futility I do believe life is not totally hopeless, but it is very close to being hopeless. People simply do not understand subtlety.

I've been trying to take a indefinite break from these Singularity issues since shortly before December 2010. All this networking is bad for my physical and mental health. I need to relax but I forgo eating and general maintenance of my life in an attempt to change the world. I feel these seeds must be sown now so I rush manically to change the world via inspiring people to LOVE THE FUTURE and to YEARN for utopia but too often I feel I am banging my head against a brick wall. One trans-humanist actually threatened to beat my face to a bloody pulp and a few other people have unfriended me and blocked me. People cause me the most extreme pain. The only way I've been able to cope with the intense agony they induce is because thankfully I do not need to actually face them. Thanks for the pixels.

Often I desperately need to eat food but I cannot eat because I must try to explain things to people. I probably would have received more support if I'd advocated dystopia. People are exceptionally devoid of imagination, vision, life, or passion. People thrive on negativity; they loath positivity. People deeply resent the idea of utopia being possible. People would prefer dystopia to arise. Thankfully I have nearly tied up all the lose ends and soon I will be able to retreat from this networking experiment. I give up.

I will include a picture to represent my PAIN.

The annoying miserable agony of tearful ineffectual nothingness. PAIN, unhappiness, suffering.



And when they've given you their all

Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy

Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.

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