Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentine's Day Singularity Bomb Plot - 2011

Intellectual Love Bomb Detonation - Mind Blowing Strangeness.

This is not a bomb hoax. The Singularity Utopia group claims responsibility for this bombing. The primary neuronal explosion will occur at 20:45 hours (your local time) on 14th February 2011. Neurons will fire excitedly precisely at 20:45 hours (your local time) within the brain of anyone experiencing the explosion. A secondary detonation will occur during the first REM state (dreaming) subsequent to the primary impact at 20:45 hours on 14th February 2011.


Bomb Components:

1. Love-Bomb casing: The Future.
2. Timer: Singularity Awareness @ 20:45 hours (your local time).
3. 1st Primer-Detonator: Technology.
4. 2nd Primer-Detonator: Science.
5. Accelerant-Explosive Matter: Intelligence.

KABOOM - 20:45 hours, 14th February 2011 - TIME BOMB

This intelligence explosion on 14th February is a minor prelude to the Technological Singularity, which will occur sometime before year 2045. This intelligence explosion is utterly non-violent and non-destructive. This is a piece of existential art. This is a Merriest Bomb Plot by the Singularity Utopia group. This bombing will be an explosive neuronal party within your brain.

This explosion of awareness is an intellectual love bomb. It differs from typical destructive bombs because this Cerebral Love Bomb is highly creative. We are entering a new age where creativeness triumphs over destructiveness. The goal of this bomb is to ensure the largest amount of people possible feel their neurons firing excitedly due to the extreme power associated with contemplation of the Singularity. The bomb is inside your mind (explosive thoughts). The bomb entails powerful thinking @20:45 hours on V-Day.

► The timer is ticking. Utopia is coming.


Under no circumstances should this Love Bomb be mistaken for a real bomb. The message in this bomb is LOVE THE FUTURE. Fiction and art are being used regarding this Love Bomb to raise awareness regarding the Technological Singularity, which will happen by year 2045 at the latest. The Technological Singularity is a very real explosion of intelligence, and identical to this artistic Love Bomb the Singularity is utterly non-violent and non-destructive. Science and technology are advancing at an accelerating rate. This rapid acceleration of knowledge will culminate in an intelligence explosion, which will create utopia.

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KABOOM - 20:45 hours, 14th February 2011

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