Monday, 7 February 2011

Singularity Utopia - good or bad?

Recently I've encountered a few critics regarding my attempts to raise Singularity awareness. I've been slanderously called a religious nut-job, evangelical, messianic, insane, douche bag, and an ass.

I've been informed my awareness-campaign will damage the Singularity. For the record I wish to point out I'm actually an atheist: I don't follow any religion and I don't advocate any following of religion. I view religions as being highly irrational. My focus is logic, science, rationality, technology, and awareness. I'm a sensitive and open-minded person thus due to the criticism I now feel slightly doubtful about how I'm raising awareness. Maybe I am doing something terribly and dangerously wrong? I admit when people insult me I am not the most diplomatic of people but prior to insults I am always courteous. I have therefore decided to create a poll to see what people actually think.

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