Friday, 4 February 2011

Singulaity Utopia TIMELINE


■ 2020 - 2025: stem cells (and related curative-regeneration therapies) have become commonplace for repairing damage to our bodies. Liver disease, heart disease, cancer, blindness, brain damage, blindness, quadriplegia, etc can easily be rectified via using the patient's own cells. Medical expertise has advanced dramatically. Death rates are sharply decreasing; only the most seriously ill people are dying.

■ 2025 (or earlier): supercomputers will be the size of a sugar-cube or possibly smaller. Quantum computers, bio-computers, or other advanced types of computer will be commonplace and high-quality.

■ 2033 (or earlier): humans and technology will merge almost indistinguishably. We will have, if we choose to, bio-computers and nanobots in our bodies to maintain our health and help us communicate, which will allow high quality virtual reality to be possible.

■ 2035 (or earlier): Molecular Nanotechnology will have been perfected. Almost everybody will acquire personal nano-factories in their homes. People will grow or print food in their own homes. The first human-level AI will have been born. Robots are commonplace throughout the world. Synthetic Life and bio-tech have become very powerful factors for improving the world. Money is being abolished, everything is becoming free, Governments are ceasing to exist, crime is ceasing to exist. Free food, water, energy etc (basic needs) are becoming available worldwide. The process of everything becoming free and Governments ceasing to exist will be complete by 2038.

■ 2040 (or earlier): Human Level AIs have become commonplace throughout the world. All the benefits of science technology are available to everyone. Humans and AI are merging (for those who want to) and intelligence is beginning to increase dramatically due to neural augmentation. People can upload their minds into cyberspace if they want to. The human race is diverging into numerous different strands. Evolution is exploding rapidly (biotech, transgenic, DNA manipulation of humans and animals is widespread and dramatic). The population of people living in outer-space is equal to, or greater than, the population living on Earth. People can easily build their own spaceships for space colonization and exploration. Cryonically suspended frozen people have been reanimated.

■ 2045: utopia has occurred. Nobody needs to suffer. All desires can be fulfilled. Sentient beings are all powerful. We control our minds, bodies, and reality with ultimate skill. New dimensions are being explored and created. New universes are being explored and created. Reality has become very strange, very fascinating, very malleable. We are entering the realm of TOTAL INTELLIGENCE.

Singularity Utopia

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