Saturday, 5 February 2011

Living in a world of fools

People cause immense pain in my life; they really do.

On Facebook in a Singularity discussion someone called John G. wrote:

S.U., I sort of admire what I think you are trying to do, but you're the master of the bad impression... You can certainly still be very enthusiastic, but reign in the insane messianic stuff. lol

I replied:

Is it insane to have a brain 100, 200, 300, or 1000 times greater than our current brains? The intelligence explosion will lead to individual brainpower 10,000 times greater than our current brainpower (at least). Idiots could mistakenly deem such MASSIVE BRAINPOWER to be messianic. Idiots could also classify massive brainpower as insanity.

Extreme intelligence will not be insanity and neither will it be religion. If you see religion or insanity in any of my communications then I suggest your skewed/biased perceptions are causing you to misinterpret reality in accordance with your personal psychological flaws. EXTREME BRAINPOWER WILL APPEAR VERY USUAL INDEED (it may even seem like shouting). Some small-minded humans may even be frightened by AIs. Extreme intelligence will probably seem extremely weird for basic primitive humans. Humans have traditionally been very narrow-minded: humans have traditionally deemed lots of fee-thinking things weird or insane. For example witches have been burned and continue to be burned in some parts of the world.

During the Vietnam war the US Government tried to classify war protesters as insane and Russia has also applied the definition of insanity to dissidents. Like mice terrified by humans the unintelligent humans who are afraid of augmenting their minds will probably be very alarmed by highly advanced AIs.

Regrading the human race generally reacting badly to unusual things; whereby people who are not constrained by narrow-mindedness are deemed insane, homosexuality was once deemed a mental illness, and two men kissing in public could easily create a "bad impression" (as you put it). Even today two men kissing in public can create a "bad impression" so perhaps you would advise against men kissing each other in public? I am not constrained by narrow-minded views therefore I will happily kiss a person of my own gender in public, and likewise I will not constrain my vibrant intelligence because it may seem weird, insane, or because it may create a bad impression for stupid fools.

I could understand your criticism if I was doing something that is actually crazy such as murdering puppies on my website or if I was prattling on about God and religion, or if I was talking about voices in my head. If anything creates a BAD IMPRESSION (I am shouting here, I'm screaming down your dumb throat) it is illogical, irrational, slanderous, and unfounded smears which you are guilty of. People such as yourself cause me great pain indeed. Living in a world of fools is difficult.

It truly sickens me that people of low intelligence (narrow-minded fools) present themselves as supposedly staunch advocates of the Singularity.

Truly I am mystified regarding what some people expect the Singularity to be like. Perhaps they simply imagine Xbox games will be a bit more advanced (super-duper Xbox games) and maybe they imagine they will continue to watch Hollywood movies despite having a brain 10,000 times greater than our current brains? The future will be very uncanny, extremely weird, but such oddness is not insanity or religion.

Instead of talking about bad impressions which I have supposedly created I suggest you should deal with reality rather than fantasy. *If* any moron does have have bad impression regarding anything I say or do I will happily enlighten such arrant imbeciles.

The intelligence explosion (and events leading up to it) may appear more weird than a Black man voting or marrying a White woman during the height of Black Slavery. The Singularity is not actually weird or religious. The weird thing is the bigoted narrow-minded views some people have. It all depends upon your perspective, your bias.

Please try to be more enlightened in the future.

As a final addendum I want to state that yes the Singularity is singular (weird, uncanny, strange) but such weirdness should not be a reason for condemnation, chastisement, scorn, persecution, or derogatory slander. Life is weird but most people don't realize they are alive. Life will become weirder. Ideally we need to reevaluate the general concept of something being weird. "Weird" should be redefined as "wonderful ".

I personally see ordinariness as being bad-weirdness; whereas "the extraordinary" is something wonderful, which we should embrace and cultivate. Life should always be wonderful. Thankfully the Singularity will be very wonderful indeed.

I am in incredible pain. It is agony existing in this pre-Singularity era, thus I finish my latest blog post, for posterity.

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