Sunday, 19 February 2012

Former crime of being Black (how times change).

The Past.

In 1960 Patricia Stephens Due refused to pay a fine regarding sitting in the "whites only" area at a Woolworth's lunch counter. Patricia went to prison for refusing to pay the fine. Subsequently, whilst she was organizing a protest in response to the fine, a police officer fired a tear gas canister which caused permanent damage to her eyes.

During the pinnacle of her activity the FBI constantly shadowed her. The New York Times describes how: "Her F.B.I. file ran more than 400 pages." Incidentally I wonder if the Friday activities (#FFF) of #Anonymous are creating a file of similar size? ~^~

The present.

A lot has changed in 52 years, which the inauguration of Obama attested, but sadly some things remain the same. You've probably heard about incident of police brutality where Scott Olsen suffered a brain injury, due to a tear gas or "flash bang" canister, during an #Occupy protest.

There is also the infamous Pepper Spray incident to remember at University of California, Davis.

The future.

How will our world change in the next 50 or 30 years? Change is happening quicker all the time, we are accelerating technologically, which is helping us accelerate culturally too, but the real cultural revolution will only happen when Artificial Intelligence blooms thereby allowing humans to dramatically augment their intellects. Here is a recent video I came across regarding DNA nanobots.

How do you think our world will change over the next 30 years? The World Economic Forum has listed the top 10 emerging technologies for 2012, which gives a interesting indicator of the future but what is your personal view. My big focus is Post-Scarcity (everything being free) thus I always try to raise awareness. Do you think everything will be free in around 30 years? Have you heard about the concept of Post-Scarcity before?

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