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Scarcity Causes 100% of Suffering

There are lots of updates I must add to the Singularity-2045 website, but time and energy constraints have delayed those updates thus I will mention a key update here. I am also continuing to refine this blog-post.

My main Singularity thesis is correct, at the core, but there are some superficial points I need to refine. For example I initially stated Post-Scarcity will eliminate 99% of suffering regarding monetary inequality being the principle source of suffering, but this percentage is incorrect. Monetary inequality is an ideal factor for highlighting the suffering associated with scarcity. Poverty is the principle source of suffering because the cultural situation where everything is free would inevitably be a situation where all aspects of scarcity have been abolished.

Scarcity is a bigger issue than paupers contrasted with billionaires but the price of goods and services is the key indicator regarding the level of scarcity. The value of money is key factor for highlighting our proximity to Post-Scarcity. Deflation is is a move towards Post-Scarcity. Money (a high value for money where things are not free) is therefore a key indicator of suffering thus I cite money as being the prime cause of suffering. When everything is free all suffering will be abolished because we will have reached Post-Scarcity but Post-Scarcity will not have arisen merely because everything is free. The abolition of scarcity is dependent on the actualisation of technological super-proficiency ceasing to be scarce, which means when our world is inundated with super high-tech scientific developments and devices this will abolish every aspect of scarcity. Everything being free is merely a consequence of the Singularity therefore the true cause of 100% of suffering is the failure of the Singularity to be manifested.

I focus on money regarding my depiction of suffering and scarcity because money is needed to invest in the development of science and technology. Money is a symbolisation of human progress, it symbolises the amount of human labour. Money also shapes our political policies. Money is therefore at the heart of all scarcity. When everything is free we will have Post-Scarcity. Lack of investment combined with anti-science Government policies delays progress therefore considering the history of a money-based civilisation it is reasonable to assert the Singularity has already been significantly delayed. Without the delays of money it is likely the Singularity would already be here thus it can be stated money causes 100% of suffering.

It is also important to note how intelligence and stupidity are at the heart of money. Intelligent people are rich and stupid people are poor. Intelligence is also the engine behind the actualisation of technological super-proficiency but intellectual ability is not the principle focus of human civilization. Our civilization is principally defined by money. Money is the principle focus of our civilization therefore regarding abolishing suffering I focus upon money being the principle cause despite the causality of suffering being attributable to many factors. I am endeavouring to focus on the essence of the problem in an undiluted manner therefore I highlight the core indicator of scarcity (money), which highlights how things are not currently free therefore people suffer.

Upon reflection, arising from a debate, I briefly considered changing the 99% statement to 95%, but finally I will state scarcity causes 100% of suffering. Scarcity of material resources (fuel, food, shelter etc) causes 95% of human suffering because a scarcity-based society means people are emotionally unable to cope with physical or mental pain. From their fragile psychological perspective of material-scarcity they are ill-prepared to tolerate pain.

Pain does not inevitably equate suffering for balanced minds (happy individuals), but in a scarcity-based-society people are largely unhappy, it is a struggle to survive, therefore pain can easily become suffering because people don't have the psychological competence to effectively assimilate or respond to pain. People in scarcity situations are overburdened by the sorrows of scarcity, they are unbalanced.


Post-Scarcity of basic material needs will abolish a significant source of pain. The total amount of pain people experience will be drastically reduced, people will be principally happy, unhappiness will be rare. This vastly reduced pain will be experienced by balanced minds. People will not be overwhelmed by a painful struggle to survive. The overall percentage of pain felt by humans in this partial scenario will be small, perhaps 10%, whereas currently (year 2012) I estimate an average human life consists of 80% pain. Almost all of the pain felt by people in year 2012 translates into suffering because people are unbalanced by pain, overburdened, unable to cope, therefore a typical human life in year 2012 consists of 78% suffering.

Obvious sources of pain would have been eliminated in a partial Post-Scarcity scenario, therefore the remaining 10% of pain will encompass a significant portion of intractable pain (about half), which means there will be 5% suffering. Despite the highly competent minds of people in this partial scenario they would not be able to cope with intractable pain, therefore a typical human life in a partial Post-Scarcity situation will experience life based on 5% suffering, which is a vast improvement of 78% suffering for humans in the year 2012.

This vision of partial Post-Scarcity is incorrect because partial Post-Scarcity is not the issue I am addressing regarding the Singularity. This type of partial Post-Scarcity is actually impossible. We are contemplating pure PS, true PS. Wrongly I initially leaned towards this partial depiction of Post-Scarcity because I decided people would generally be incapable of accepting the whole truth regarding Post-Scarcity. It is wrong to try and accommodate the disbelief of people who cannot open their minds. Compromise for the sake of narrow-mindedness is a mistake.


True Post-Scarcity entails intelligence ceasing to be scarce thus from a superabundance of intelligence the remaining 5% of suffering would be eliminated because Post-Scarcity of intelligence entails an intelligence explosion, which means super-intelligence would rapidly be created thereby solving all problems instantly. Both tractable and intractable problems will be solved. Our limits of control will be post-scarce, there will be no limits to the power of our control. Post-Scarcity in its true definition must be applied to basic materials and intellectual resources, which entails the abolition of 100% suffering. There will be zero suffering.

Post-Scarcity of basic material resources would almost (95% but not totally) eliminate suffering, but you can't have Post-Scarcity of basic material resources without having post-scarce intelligence because superabundant intelligence is needed to create Post-Scarcity of basic material needs, therefore true Post-Scarcity will always entail 100% abolition of suffering because an intelligence explosion is the key component.

I will now always declare Post-Scarcity abolishes 100% of suffering. This is the truth regarding Post-Scarcity. Sufficient intelligence solves everything, This is the total Post-Scarcity of the Singularity.

The Warriors are coming. Expect us.

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