Wednesday, 17 April 2013

#DrStevenGreer #Sirius Documentary Reveals ALIENS ARE MORONS

Sadly the alien supporters fail to address the moronic nature of aliens. Why are aliens so utterly inept despite their supposedly sophisticated technology? Surely if a being is intelligent enough to create a spaceship capable of travelling light-years, they can at least achieve immortality and AI thereby protecting themselves from death or capture? Nevertheless the aliens are dropping like flies, they are captured and die so easily despite the hypothetical high intelligence and sophisticated technology needed to travel to Earth. This is the point to focus on when the Sirius nonsense is disclosed on April 22nd.

Why are aliens so moronic, so retarded? I think there is no contradiction, sophisticated aliens would not be moronic, people are merely being misled about the existence of aliens. In the following link I raise the issue of alien idiocy, which I think is the best way to refute alien nonsense because technologically advanced beings would not be utterly inept morons:

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