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Governments Money Capitalism Scarcity Stupidity

Here is a blog post I wrote, which I initially published via H+ on 9th of April 2013. Enjoy!

I've never seen a Singularity based explanation of politics, governments, capitalism, or money, therefore I shall explain our current sociopolitical system of economics from a Singularity perspective.

All governments exist due to money. Governments are products of money, governments are social creations based upon capital. All monetary civilizations are capitalist. Capitalism eventually arises whenever a civilization is based on money. Any civilization based on money is a civilization based upon profit and private ownership. Communism in practice has only ever entailed a capitalist modality because the nature of capital, the phenomenon of scarcity entailing wealth imbalance, inevitably entails capitalism, capitalism is inescapable if civilization is based on money. Money is capitalism. Communism can never exist in actuality, it only exists as a deceptive description of capitalism. Usually the communist deception occurs due to unawareness, an ignorance of what money actually is.

Malicious conning, a need to hoodwink people, can also be a motivator for the communist illusion-delusion. Anarcho-capitalism is no different to communism, it is an illusion, it is merely capitalism thus it entails governance, governments. Widespread voluntaryism is likewise impossible in a society based upon money.

Governments are methods for managing money, they are societal creations similar to how money is a societal creation. Management of money is the purpose of all governments. Governments manage money, they manage all the problems of social dysfunction arising from money, it is all about scarcity. Capitalism (money) is a method for governing social interactions thus logically and inevitably an actual government is the consequence of social behaviour mediated via the governing nature of money.

Money is a method of control, it controls the allocation of resources, money governs scarcity of resources. Actual governments are reflections of the inherent governance of social interactions based on capital, wealth, money. Capitalism is all about control. All political systems are about the control of capital. The control of capital logically entails the control of people because people create capital. Consider feudalism, feudalism is another name for capitalism because the purpose of feudalism is to control capital, likewise with tyranny we are again looking at capitalism, the control of capital.

Oddly the term free-market is often mentioned regarding capitalism, the oddity is regarding the incongruity of "free" and "market." The free market is an oxymoron because markets are the antithesis of freedom.

Money is governance, it governs the allocation of scarce resources, money governs behaviour, thus actual governance, governments, will always arise from monetary interactions when monetary interactions become sufficiently complex. Money is scarcity, money is the consequence of scarcity, thus governments are "scarcity" because governments are essentially money.

All roads lead to Rome. Governments are an inevitable consequence of money because money is all about governing social interactions. Yes the manifestation of simple monetary interactions doesn't immediately spawn a government but inevitably a government will always arise from monetary interaction. Any resistance to a central banking system is futile due to the nature of what money is. Money is governance thus with sufficient complexity regarding the governing nature of monetary interactions, there will occur a centralized body known as a government. A government can be defined as a level of high monetary complexity. A failure to comprehend the connection between money and governments is comparable to looking at a baby and not seeing how the baby inevitably entails adulthood. Money is the baby which inevitably grows into a government. To expect anything other than a centralized government arising from monetary interaction is tantamount expecting a human baby to become an albatross, an abacus, or a brick.

While money persists capitalism is not merely the best method for social mediation of scarcity, it is the only method for the mediation of scarcity-based interactions, capitalism is an inevitable consequence of scarcity. I recognise capitalism is rubbish, it is abhorrent, it is truly execrable stupidity, but I also see how we don't yet possess the intelligence to rise above capitalism.

Money, capital, capitalism, governments, and scarcity are all the same phenomena. It is all about a lack of intelligence, a lack of technology, it is all about stupidity. The Singularity (Post-Scarcity) is the opposite of everything we know, it is the opposite of money, the opposite of governments. The Singularity is total freedom, it is the intelligence explosion.

Freedom in the sense of prices is inextricably linked to the libertarian sense of being free. Liberty needs to be constrained when resources are scarce. The existence of prices constrains liberty because scarcity demands the control of people. It is no coincidence liberty has increased in synchronization with increasing abundance. When everything is free in a financial sense people will also be totally free in a libertarian sense because when everyone can have anything they want, free at no cost, there will be no need for the elite to control the masses for profit. Profits will be obsolete.

The alternative to money is Post-Scarcity, which will be achieved via rapid technological evolution entailing ultra-efficient tech, access to limitless Space resources via explosive intelligence.

Some people wrongly think scarcity is an artificial construct but "artificial scarcity" is an oxymoron similar to dry wetness or cold hotness. Artificial scarcity is impossible, it cannot exist. Scarcity cannot be created, it can only be enhanced. If total scarcity does not exist then it cannot be created. The enhancement of scarcity, the emphasis of scarcity, the intensification regarding aspects of scarcity, it will never constitute "artificial scarcity" similar to how one ice-cube added to the Antarctic Ice Sheet is not artificial coldness. Creating artificial scarcity is tantamount to thinking you can create artificial coldness via adding one ice-cube to the Sun.

Post-Scarcity is the Singularity, it cannot be stopped or ended but it can be delayed or accelerated, furthermore there is only one Singularity and it has not already happened, the Singularity is not an iPhone. When it happens there will be no doubt about its occurrence because things such as money, capitalism, crime, governments, mortality, disease, misunderstanding, or the need to write words, all these things will be obsolete artifacts from a bygone era of stupidity.


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