Monday, 8 April 2013

Hilarious UK Government Drug Licensing Quote

Several hours ago I posted about a drug called "Modafinil" apparently similar to a fictional drug from the film Limitless, a drug which increases intelligence. I posted about this on my G+ Page Singularity 2045, see below. You can read the original post about Modafinil embedded at the very bottom of this blog-post.

News about Modafinil (Limitless) caused me to think about psychoactive drugs, such as LSD and magic mushrooms. A while ago I read about how the usage of LSD and magic mushrooms in a clinical setting could possibly cure the symptoms of "mental illness," namely depression. The NHS (UK National Health Service) reported on how Professor David Nutt was conducting research into potential usage of "hallucinogenic magic mushroom extract psilocybin" to alleviate depression. There have been various other similar lines of research.

Anyway, while browsing through David Nutt's Twitter stream I saw the following Re-Tweet with a link to the BBC website, which included a hilarious UK government drugs licensing quote on the BBC site.

Hilariously the UK government thinks licensing stops harmful drugs from getting into the hands of criminals. What a preposterous notion. All drugs are actually available everywhere on the streets in any Western country at a reasonably cheap price. I often see school kids smoking weed openly at various public locations, which has been the case for many decades. Actions by international drug enforcement agencies or actions by collective world governments have no discernible impact upon the availability of illegal drugs.

So Home Office spokesman, how is that licensing regime working out for you? Stopping illegal drugs much? Good luck with that! Sadly David rightly highlights the absurdity. Truly it's a ludicrous situation. Very comedic. Government licensing doesn't really stop illegal drugs but overly strict licensing does hinder legitimate scientific research. Bravo UK Home Office for your fanatically silly statement:

"Our licensing regime enables legitimate research to take place while ensuring that harmful drugs don't get into the hands of criminals."   UK Home Office spokesman.

Singularity 2045
Is #modafinil the real #limitless - I doubt it but it could be step forward. wrote: "The latest "smart drug" to be thrust into the limelight is the prescription pill known as modafinil. The pill is said to produce an intense focus and strong work ethic- much like similar drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin, but without the amphetamines." wrote: "It took Peter Borden a while to come around to modafinil. He never takes prescription drugs. He doesn’t drink to excess. He’s into acupuncture and alternative medicine. But he was working two jobs—by day, he does quantitative analysis and project management for a venture-capital-backed B2B start-up; by night, he’s developing a proprietary high-­frequency trading system for a Wall Street start-up of his own—and what he needed was more time to work."
Modafinil- The Real Life "Limitless"
Drug used to treat narcolepsy seen giving brainiac powers to users.

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