Friday, 19 April 2013

#Sirius Moronic Aliens Technology Evolves

Here is my article I recently published via H+: Sirius Documentary About Moronic Aliens. Here is a comment of mine clarifying my viewpoint regarding the stupidity of aliens and humans:

I am not uneasy, fearful, ignorant, or uneducated regarding the idea of aliens. I wouldn't bat and eyelid if aliens wanted to abduct me, I would find it highly amusing. If the aliens wanted to end their secretive hiding then that would be great; similarly it would be great if God could perform a few miracles to make our lives better but God or aliens don't really exist. I would love it if God actually existed because I could then ask him-her-it for access to super-advanced technology, which would allow me and others to take a very rapid R&D short-cut towards vastly improving our lives via technology. God could stop people being killed or maimed if God existed.

Very possibly I am stupid because human intelligence is a new phenomenon thus the most intelligent humans do not have a utterly tenacious grasp on brainpower, which means the smartest humans are capable of occasional stupidity, which I think is the case regarding Edgar Mitchell relating to his notions about aliens. Likewise if Einstein is too intellectually timid to precisely explain his ideas regarding why he dislikes things, which means he fails to deem his dislikeable ideas stupid, then I'd say that aspect of Einstein is stupid. I think there is a misplaced sense of political correctness, misguided etiquette, which prevents people being lucid about brainpower, or lack of brains, in themselves or others. Time will tell whether or not I was wrong or right. We shall see.

Human intelligence is very rudimentary, we are akin to children who have recently learned to walk thus we often fall, we graze our knees. Within any beings who have evolved sufficient technology to travel light years, I am utterly certain, based on mere logic, all aspects of their technology will have evolved reasonably uniformly thus the aliens will be very technologically accomplished in all areas of technology, which means they will have a very mature type of intelligence, they won't, metaphorically, be faffing around, stumbling reminiscent of toddlers, arguing about same sex marriage, equal rights for women, or the existence of God.

Looking at all forms of primitive surgery by humans, we see how there are no great leaps ahead, look at the entire history of technology. All cures are dependent upon the overall level of technology, generally. Yes there are slight leaps forward such as chewing on willow bark to cure a headache, perhaps, but it is simply impossible to jump significantly far ahead regarding surgery, or any other technological field, without all other areas of technology progressing. You can't jump from performing surgery without aesthetic, ignorant of anaesthetic, or antibiotics, to growing organs via the patient's own stem cells seeded on a 3D-printed bio-scaffold for transplantation, thus any aliens able to travel light years in a spaceship will certainly be an intellectually mature species, highly accomplished in all areas of technology, they will not be morons with very primitive technology simultaneously existing alongside super-advanced inventions.

I do get it, I do understand the alien hope, it is like hoping you will win the lottery, it is the hope of a rapid short-cut to ease your troubles, sadly the hope is unreal, it is a waste of time and energy.

I don't think it becomes harder and harder to predict the future as humans become more and more entwined with machines. I think the future becomes easier and easier to understand in sync with increasing intelligence, the obstacle to our understanding is a lack of intelligence, thus our approach to the Singularity will be marked by greater understanding. Machines will have the same values of right and wrong which humans have, but there is often a misconception in futurism, which states humans and machines are totally different. Humans are actually machines, but we are made from biological parts instead of metal parts. There will be no us and them in the future. All intelligent beings will have the same values, we will be logical because intelligence is the same thing for all beings.

I have a great abundance of creative thinking. Don't make the mistake of thinking creativity means a willingness to believe in implausible theories.

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