Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Truth #BostonBombings Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

Where does the assertion originate, regarding loud speaker warnings about a training exercise before the bombs went off, and that there was a very large police presence including bomb-sniffing dogs, and bomb-spotters on roofs, prior to the bombs exploding? The source of this allegation seems to be Coach Ali Stevenson who said: "They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it's just a training exercise." Coach Stevenson from Mobile University was interviewed by local15th.com, see the embedded interview below:

Nearly all journalists are unprofessionally dismissing the allegation that a bomb-training exercise was being undertaken before the bombs went off, or that the police had advance warning of a bomb.

I find journalists are unprofessionally dismissing the loud speaker warnings and bomb sniffing dogs without actually doing any valid journalism. So the assertions in question come from Coach Ali Stevenson, from University of Mobile, who was interviewed by local15tv.com. Surely an interview with Coach Ali Stevenson would be appropriate to get to the bottom of his allegations? Is Coach Ali Stevenson lying? Why don't journalists properly investigate the statements by Coach Ali Stevenson? A sports Coach from University of Mobile seems to be a respectable and credible source.

The Atlantic Wire wrote: "There are no credible media reports or public law enforcement comments that they were [asking everyone to remain calm prior to the blast]." Does this mean The Atlantic Wire is saying local15tv.com is not a credible media report or is the report not credible because it only refers to a bystander witness statement not a police report or press release?

I would really like to see journalists do some actual journalism to either dismiss Alex Jones as a crank or to reveal the truth. What is local15tv? Perhaps it is just a front for infowars.com? Some genuine journalism would be appreciated. Sloppy jouramlsim is very bad.

If Alex Jones is a crank then expose his lies without doubt, very clearly. Let's get to the bottom of Coach Stevenson's assertions, but while journalists dismiss these issues in a lazy way it is possible there is some truth to a stink about the Boston Bombings. I myself am not a Truther nor a supporter of Alex Jones, but I do value truth and I do have an open mind, which means I don't dismiss things in a knee-jerk manner, I try wherever possible search for facts to either corroborate or invalidate a viewpoint. Sadly mainstream journalists are refusing to investigate these issues.

The Daily Mail has published a photo of a man on the roof at the same time as the bomb goes off, is this one of the spotters Coach Stevenson was referring to?


News is now unfolding regarding a heightened security situation at the marathon, entailing bomb-sniffing dogs. The Guardian reported how there was a "stronger security presence than usual" according to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who stated undercover officers and "bomb-sniffing dogs" were actually deployed. Perhaps it is only a matter of time before Coach Ali Stevenson's assertion of loud-speaker warnings, urging people to to remain calm regarding a training exercise, are confirmed? Did the Boston Police have advance warning? Is Coach Stevenson correct to state the level of security was abnormally high? Why was security so high? The Daily Mail wrote:

"In a press conference held today, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis confirmed that the marathon route had been swept twice by bomb detection units and declared clear."


Thankfully the alternate media has secured an interview with Coach Stevenson, in which the Coach confirms and reinforces his earlier statements. Sadly the most important question has not been asked of Coach Stevenson, namely is he a infowars.com supporter, which if he is that could skew his portrayal of events. Sadly while the mainstream media largely ignore Steveson's comments pertinent questions will remain unanswered. Nevertheless the subsequent interview with the Coach is valuable. Here it is:

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