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Singularity Political Letter Template

Regarding the political letter writing campaign. Please feel free to use or alter the following template letter (or use your own words) when you write to your politician, politicians, or Governmental department.

If you want your reply from a politician published on this blog, please note you'll need permission from the person who wrote the letter. Happily I will publish all replies if the author of the letter has granted permission. The copyright of letters remains with the author of the letter, therefore when you write your letter it would be a good idea to ask for permission to publish the reply on the internet.

Asking for permission to publish the reply could also induce the politician, or Governmental department, to give you a deeply considered response instead of dismissing the issues you raise. In addition to a copy of your letter I will also need a copy of the permission allowing publication of the letter. I wouldn't want this blog deleted due to copyright violations therefore permission to publish is essential. Email your submissions to Singularity Utopia.



Technological Singularity

Dear [insert name],

Many people today recognize the rapid rate of scientific and technological progress, but many people don't fully appreciate the highly beneficial conclusion such progress is heading towards.

The rapid acceleration of science and technology will conclude with an event called the Singularity. The Singularity is an intelligence explosion; it's an explosion of knowledge. The Singularity is a convergence of Stem Cell therapies, nanotech, biotech, information technology, and Artificial Intelligence. IBM predicts sometime between the years 2020 and 2025 they will create a supercomputer the size of a sugar cube. IBM has already created Artificial Intelligence software called “Watson” capable of understanding human language. Watson recently beat humans in a general knowledge quiz show called “Jeopardy”. The Singularity is currently expected to occur sometime around the year 2045.

Successful clinical Stem Cell trials have already regrown some body parts using the patients own Stem Cells therefore anti-rejection drugs were not needed. Advanced Stem Cell therapies will eliminate all illnesses, furthermore the aging progress will be halted (and reversed if needed) thereby creating immortality.

Artificial Intelligence will help humans discover solutions to problems which in the year 2011 would seem miraculous or magical. All environmental problems will be solved; there will be no shortages of food or fuels; poverty will be eliminated and the price of goods will become extremely cheap; perhaps everything in the future will be free. The Singularity is a highly unusual concept, it is a singular concept, but it is based upon very credible science.

The Singularity is the most important event in human history. Sadly there is an alarming lack of awareness. My principle reason for writing to you is because I want to see greater awareness of the Singularity. I would like to see you and your fellow politicians mentioning the Singularity within the mainstream media. Increased awareness of the Singularity will create hope for many people therefore I sincerely hope you will consider promoting the Singularity.

Enhanced awareness of the Singularity will quicken the arrival of highly beneficial technological breakthroughs.

In addition to widespread awareness, it would be extremely beneficial if budgets for science and technology could be increased thereby hastening the arrival of the Singularity. The Singularity will dramatically reshape our world and lives. People need hope for the future therefore please consider promoting the issue of the Singularity in any way you can.

Yours sincerely,

[insert name]


You may also want to mention the Singularity Investigatory Committee in your letter.

Here's an example of the type of reply you could receive from a politician or Governmental department.

Microsoft and OpenOffice document files regarding this template are available at the Singularity-Proactive Yahoo Group. To access the files you will need to join the Yahoo Group but you don't need a Yahoo ID to join, you can connect (join) via Facebook or Google. Click "Join This Group" and then click the Facebook or Google sign-in, or use a Yahoo ID, and then download the file of your choice.
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