Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I love all future dreamers who creatively yearn to improve our existence. Too long the human race has plodded along without any real direction, but now many people are waking up. We are becoming empowered by information. Technology is beginning to change our lives in fantastic ways.

There is great hope for the future, but great sadness also exists because outside of our forward-thinking futuristic-groups life on the streets continues in the usual unaware manner. Hopefully we will soon see more and more people sharing our love for the future. I hope all businesses, politicians; average men, women, and children will begin to grasp the UTTERLY AWESOME place our collective human knowledge is progressing to. We are making a difference via our communications. We are actively changing the world.

Human intelligence is an awesome phenomenon. Soon we will witness a mind-bending explosion of intellectual prowess. Perfection is ours! We are powerful. We are embryonic beings of the Singularity.


We are united in our common purpose. We will surmount all barriers. Our determination to excel is unstoppable. We all have problems in our lives and many problems exist in the world but we will solve everything via our burgeoning intellects. Each day our intelligence grows. Our knowledge relentlessly grows. Knowledge is power. We will share our positivity for the future.

This optimism for the future is changing the world every day. Every positive action we make is changing the world for the better.

The power of hope and positivity should never be underestimated. Our futuristic orientated love is making our world more harmonious. We are united in our love for perfect happiness; an end to suffering; an end to stupidity; the end of destructiveness. We are the creative embryonic beings of the most awesome event in the universe: the Singularity.

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