Thursday, 3 March 2011


Where shall I begin. Ah! People; people, people, people. They are extremely depressing. They are narrow-robotic-automatons. Gazing into their minds is reminiscent of gazing into a rubbery void. They are utterly empty; totally devoid of life. They are worse than dumb bovine animals (unintelligent animals can actually be pleasant unlike mindless humans). It seems the only reason people possess brains is to enhance their idiotic ignorance: their cerebral activity is totally dedicated to the reinforcement of their grubbing mental squalor; their neuronal structure is a waste of space. It is a strange dichotomy exhibited by people, wherein they possess brains combined with ambulatory-vertebrate-life-signs but they are completely non-sentient. People merely display an pallid illusion of sentience; it is an extremely pitiful illusion but people are nevertheless utterly convinced by the insubstantial nothingness of their void-minds. Their stupid thoughts are utterly unimportant. This is why people are extremely depressing. Petty, nasty, shallow, and extremely stupid, that is the nature of typical human consciousness. Why I am so dissimilar. I am the total opposite of the remorseless nothingness perpetually exhibited by people. Life is truly a mystery. Perhaps I am the rarest quirk of nature. On the surface people will foolishly assume I resemble other people. Mistaken assumptions regarding my identity occur because people cannot look deeply into things, they cannot see below the surface, they are obsessed with superficiality because their illusionary paper-thin minds possess no depths. The fallacious consciousness exhibited by people is a terribly tragic facade epitomizing exceptionally arrant nonexistence. The absurdity of this sham life and sham civilization would be immensely laughable if it wasn't so utterly painful and I wasn't so utterly powerless. Stupid people need the simplest concepts explained in truly laborious detail; it is a lugubrious game of futility personified by nonpersons, nonentities: persona non grata regarding the country of the mind.

With these thoughts in mind I speculate regarding the intelligence of AI. Will AI achieve intelligence?

In fiction: Marvin the paranoid android.

Robots. Robotic people ironic, irony.

I will finish this blog later, not that anyone cares. To be continued... I have brain the size of the universe and here I am writing a bloody blog for The Masses but this blog will probably only be read by a handful of people. People! Ah, the futility.
Drawing of robot with blue tear coming from left eye. Robot Tears. Can you hear my electronic tears?

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