Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rapture Of The Nerds Slander

Slowly I'm trying to compile an essay regarding Singularity denial/deniers. I compare Singularity-Deniers to Holocaust Deniers. Singularity Denial is a big, complex issue. The following text regarding the Rapture and Nerds grew out of my Singularity Denial notes. This slanderous issue regarding the Rapture of the Nerds phrase deserves a blog-post wholly devoted to this aspect of Singularity denial so here is it:

"Rapture of the nerds." This derogatory phrase is often applied to the Singularity.

SMEARING: Allegedly intelligent people should have higher standards, but too often journalists and other commentators sink into the irrational realm of baseless gutter insults.

Firstly this phrase is incorrect because I am not a nerd; secondly "The Rapture" is a Christian religious event whereas many people in the Singularity movement are atheists. Myself and many other people in the Singularity movement are not religious. This incorrect insult ("Rapture of the nerds") must be countered. Such illogical rapture-esque rebuttals of the Singularity must be exposed to be moronic gutter-type criticism. Slanderous and illogical gutter-criticism of the Singularity could deter people from becoming aware and involved with technological wonders over the coming years.

Increased support for the Singularity = more money for research = faster development and implementation, which means the Singularity arrives sooner instead of later. Negativity regarding the Singularity could easily delay the Singularity.

The phrase "rapture of the nerds" must not be allowed to continue. Intelligent debate regarding the Singularity is fine but illogical and insulting name-calling must stop. Rationality must prevail.

It's time to fix the nonsense. The phrase "rapture of the nerds" must NOT be allowed to continue because it could deter people from becoming involved with the Singularity movement. Maybe we should treat Singularity-slanderers to their own name-calling: people who use the phrase ROTN (Rapture Of The Nerds) have rotten minds? Maybe someone should launch a website to debunk the ROTN nonsense?

  • Wikipedia states: "The Rapture is an event in the futurist interpretation of Christian eschatology, in which it is posited that Christians will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ at, or up to seven years prior to, his return."

Transhumanists need a public relations or defamation department, or at least they need to address the negative terms people disparagingly assign to Transhumanists. It is no good to put your head in the sand. The issue of religion, religious smearing, needs to be tackled because it seems at least 50% of news reports will refer to the Singularity as The Rapture Of The Nerds. Such religious smearing (ROTN) is damaging to the Singularity because negativity could delay the Singularity due to people dismissing the notion as crackpot nonsense: a Rapture for Nerds. More supporters for the Singularity = more money for research = faster development and implementation, which means the Singularity arrives sooner instead of later. The religious phrase ROTN is not likely to massively increase supporters.

Here is an example of Transhumanists being maligned (point 9):


What are your views on this issue?

ROTN Smear

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