Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Singularity, Politics, and the Government.

Recently Singularity Utopia (yours truly) was mentioned on Fastforwad Radio regarding an interview with the founder of Singularity Network (Facebook group).

Radio show host (Phil Bowermaster) said this political letter writing campaign was a very interesting idea, but other voices were critical therefore I will now address the criticisms raised.



Regarding my letter writing campaign the point is that you need to get the ball rolling. Politicians may not be ready to understand the Singularity but understanding must start somewhere. Furthermore some politicians are ready to understand the Singularity:

The above PDF published in 2007 mentions the Singularity. It is important not to underestimate politicians.

The Singularity has also been mentioned in a military context (.mil), published in 2008:

If more people are willing to mention the Singularity to politicians, then politicians will be more willing to realize the Singularity is an issue of interest for constituents.

You can make a difference. It is not too soon to begin mentioning the Singularity to your local politician.

YOU can make a difference.

Love for the future from Singularity Utopia.

PS. Regarding the notoriety of Ray Kurzweil this is not a problem for me in the slightest. I'm very sure regarding my own confidence thus I am in no way diminished by the stature of Ray.

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