Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Life in the year 2100

By the year 2100 the human race will have diverged into a mind-boggling variety if different intelligent beings. There will be thousands (or perhaps millions) of different intelligent species but all these new species could perhaps be classified as transhumans (transformed humans).

Transgenesis implemented by powerful AIs and nanobots will allow humans and AIs to manipulate their bodies and minds with total ease. Some intelligent beings could have the outward form of a gaseous cloud, while other forms could combine tentacles with greatly enhanced musculature. The variety of life-forms will only be limited by our imaginations and intelligence augmentation will ensure our imaginations are limitless.

Everything will be free by year 2100. I predict everything being free (Post-Scarcity) will occur sometime around 2040 or 2045.

Post-Scarcity will be achieved via 3D-printing and molecular nano-assembly devices, which will be managed by ultra-high-powered AI thus our limited (scarce) resources will effectually be limitless due to ultra-efficient usage. For example, all our electricity will be free due to energy harvesting of solar, wind, heat, or vibration/kinetic energy. With a whole universe to explore there will be no scarcity of matter.

Each individual will become infinitely powerfully therefore due to extreme self-empowerment, and the abolition of money (Post-Scarcity), all Governments will cease to exist.

Due to Post-Scarcity all businesses will disappear therefore if you want to fly to Mars or Venus (or anywhere else in the universe) you will simply print your own spaceship and then away you go without a care in the world.

These predictions I make are all very likely to happen by year 2045 at the latest.

Is is very possible that intelligent life in the year 2100 will be inexpressible by our current standards because describing the year 2100 form a 2011-viewpoint would be comparable to a snail trying to describe the internet.


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